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Moving Guide

To help the day run smoothly.

We're Moving

Moving Tips

1. Book your moving date as early as you can
Book your provisional date with us and if it changes just let us know and we will re-arrange it for you. Your solicitor will always discuss your completion date with you before committing to exchange; this is the best time to provisionally book your removal date.

2. Start to lighten the load
Moving is a great time to have a clear out and get rid of all the old stuff that has been clogging up your loft, attic or garage. If your attic and garage is full and you don’t have space straight away we can always organise storage for you.

3. Prepare yourself
You will need boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, old newspapers, labels and a marker pen. Boxes can be sourced by local supermarkets or packs can be purchased from Argos, EBay or, plus many more.

4. Packing boxes
We always recommend giving yourself plenty of time and start with the room you use the least or items you will not require on a daily basis – garden tools, seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations etc. When filling the boxes try to keep the heavy items at the bottom but try to pack the gaps to stop the items moving. Try to make sure the top of the boxes are kept flat so they can be easily stacked. Please also try to keep the boxes to a sensible weight. For example; spread the heavy weight items over the bottom of several boxes with lighter items on the top rather than all the heavy items in one box.

5. The unexpected
We can cope with just about anything, preparation is always key though. If you have a 1 bedroom apartment and we quoted 1 Luton van over the phone, but really your 1 bed has three living rooms full of pianos w will still get your move done, but it’ll take more time and potentially more vans. Always let us know of any unusual access, bigger more difficult items and lengthy or difficult access. It’ll make the day much smoother.

6. Labelling
Label your boxes on the side to make it easier for the right boxes to be placed in the right rooms, save you hunting around for the kettle and the cups when it’s time for your all important tea break. Maybe enlist the help of the children, you could ask them to drawer pictures on the boxes of what’s inside, helps to get them involved in the house move, gives them a sense of new home ownership and keeps them occupied whilst you are busy packing.

7. Dispose of hazardous materials
For example; lawn mower petrol, gas bottles, paint, oil in the deep fat fryer, bleach, pesticides, to name a few – make sure they are empty or sealed correctly to avoid any spillage or potential hazards, anything that would ruin the day if they leak.

8. Flat Pack & Loft
Advisable to flat pack as many items as you can in advance as this will speed up the move and get you into your new home quicker, the items in the loft will also need to be removed as we are not insured against lofts which are not boarded.

9. Parking and Permits
We always use Luton vans, they generally take up the space of two normal sized cars. The closer we can park the quicker and simpler the move will be. If possible let your neighbours know you’re moving and ask for their permission to pinch their spot. If you need permits, please arrange these and let us know. If you have a drive but the access is steep or very narrow, just let us know. We have vans to suit any job.

10. Relax and leave them to it
On the day the team will be well experienced and will be happy to just get on with it and deal with the job in hand. Some clear direction and specific instructions to the driver if necessary.

11. Final sweep
Once the team have finished up and have got everything packed up and ready to go, do one final sweep of the property and make sure they have everything that needs to go. Once we’ve got all that needs to go, the team can head off to the next property. Remember they are in a loaded van that has limited speed limits, different to cars. It’ll take them a little longer to get to the next property. If this is between 12 and 2pm this is a perfect time to go and wait for the key collection. Being there when the funds are released ready to collect the keys will save time.

12. Almost time for that bottle of wine
Once the team has arrived, if there are any specific instructions please just let them know. Unpacking the vans is always a lot quicker, only you know where you want everything to be though and if you change your mind that’s no problem. The team will happily shift things around and put things up until you’re happy for them to leave.

Now relax and enjoy that bottle of wine or cup of tea……..

Moving Day

There are some boxes you will need on the day. The most important being the kettle, to be able to make tea & coffee, for yourselves and your really hard working Severn Estates removal team and don’t forget the cups.

Also, its always a good idea to keep to hand snacks, baby supplies, pet food (whichever is relevant) just in case the move is held up for any reason and key release is delayed. Also, any required medication, first aid and toiletries.

If your move is local you may be able to leave your items in the freezer but make sure the fridge is empty and also the washing machine / dishwashers are also empty. (Please consult your removal man with regards to the freezer).

Useful Ideas

It's a good idea to keep your mobile phone to hand, making sure it’s fully charged the night before for that most important call to say you can collect your keys but also to be able to take photographs of the meter readings on leaving your house and moving to your new home and also useful for taking photos of any electrics ie: TV / Computer wiring etc.

Now its time to book your Free Removal Quote and let us take the stress out of your next house move.

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